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The Enough Economy

The Enough Economy

We live in the More Economy. Ask anyone what they want these days, and the answer will almost certainly revolve around having more of something. More money. More time. More respect. More space. More productivity. More innovation. More data. More education. More intelligence. More self-improvement. More sex. More of whatever it is that we feel […]

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The Trouble with Native Advertising

Et tu, New York Times? I learned this week that the 162-year-old American daily newspaper has embraced native advertising, thus becoming the latest casualty in journalism’s misguided quest to reinvent itself by selling out to advertisers. I’d expect this kind of thing from lesser publications, but you, Gray Lady? You of 112 Pulitzer prizes whose […]

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Dilbert's take on brainstorming

The Biggest Innovation Mistake You’re Probably Making

Your boss comes to you with a problem, and you need to come up with an innovative solution, pronto. What’s the first thing you do? More often than not, I bet you grab a group of your smartest peers, get them together in a room, and have a no-holds-barred brainstorming session to come up with […]

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Angela Duckworth at TED Education

Teaching Grit to Poor Kids Won’t Magically Make Poverty Disappear

I recently read an article from Brain Pickings on the work of Angela Duckworth, McKinsey consultant turned math teacher turned research psychologist and recipient of the 2013 Macarthur Genius Grant for her inquiries into the relationship between grit and success. Duckworth’s research has consistently found that people with more grit – an admittedly nebulous collection […]

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When Efficiency is the Enemy of Innovation

This post originally appeared on the Mindjet blog on September 19, 2013. For all the talk these days of openness, transparency, and company-wide innovation as critical competitive advantages, most of it remains just that – talk. We talk about the death of hierarchy and the rise of social business. About bottom-up innovation and the meritocracy […]

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