Turning 30 Is the New Black

Five months from now, I’m turning 30 years old. To some of you reading this, that number must seem impossibly young. To others, I’m sure it feels impossibly old. On my end, it feels strangely trendy. Among my 80s-born peers, it seems like turning 30 is the new black. Everyone’s doing it, talking about it, […]

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Work Longer, Work Dumber: The Case Against Long Hours

This post originally appeared on the Mindjet blog on August 20, 2013. Here’s a crazy idea – tonight, when 5 o’clock rolls around, go home. Leave your laptop at the office. Turn off your phone. Don’t check your work email. In fact, don’t do anything work-related until 9:00AM the next morning. Repeat for a full […]

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Profits Before People cover slide

SlideShare: Profits Before People

The powerful slide deck Profits Before People by Bruce Kasanoff is making its way across the Internet today. Based on his LinkedIn article “In Tough Times, Abandon Your Employees“, it’s a brutally honest look at the deep disconnect between the way companies claim to do business, and the way that, far too often, they actually […]

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